What We Do

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We strongly believe that education leads to awareness which in turn leads to change.  In order to bring positive change in society, we must educate the public.  Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the numerous types of injustices which are rampant in our society.  Through advocacy, we hope to bring about a positive change in the world through education and mobilization.

We have seven focus areas: family breakdown, structural racism, global injustice, hunger/poverty/inequality, injustice to indigenous people, islamophobia, and unjust immigration policies.

CSJ Activities & Programs

  • Interfaith – We routinely meet with other religious leaders to discuss and share our faiths in order to better understand and learn from each other.
  • Partnership coalitions – We work with Muslim and Non-Muslim organizations and think tanks around social justice issues.  Some of these names include Helping Hand, National Religious Campaign Against Torture, Interfaith Workers Justice, Religions for Peace-USA, and others.  See our partners page for a complete list.
  • Public advocacy – We organize and participate in constructive protests/rallies, webinars, workshops, town hall meetings, panel discussions, campaigns, etc. to bring light to issues of injustices in our society.
  • Publish materials – We publish materials related to social justice issues (booklets, brochures, pamphlets, CDs, DVDs, etc.)
  • Civic engagement – We train and prepare ICNA members, masjids, and Muslims in general through workshops on how to get involved and become effective citizens.
  • Communications – We keep our subscribers updated and engaged through newsletters, action alerts, and social media.

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