Virtual Town Hall and Phone Bank Party


Date published: Sat, 31 October 20

Assalaamu alaykum Brothers & Sisters:

This is it. In just a few days, our community will have a chance to make our voices heard in the 2020 election, insha’Allah. We cannot overstate how important this election is to the future of both the Muslim American community and our country.

Everything we have fought for over the past 25 years—civil rights, religious freedom, racial equality, a peaceful foreign policy—is on the ballot. One way or another, we expect that the 2020 election will represent a critical turning point for our children, our neighbors, and our nation.

Although we do not know what will happen on Election Day, we do know that Muslim Americans must have a say in what happens on Election Day.

That’s why we are calling on you – our fellow Muslim American brothers and sisters – to take action and cast your vote.

We are going to the polls to not only vote on the Muslim Ban; but for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and all the unarmed people of color being shot by police; the 545 migrant children whose parents we cannot find; the Dreamers and refused refugees; the more than 220,000 Americans that have died of COVID-19; and much, much more.

After you’ve hopefully voted early and reminded your family, friends and neighbors to vote we’re asking you to join us on National Calling All Muslims Day, Nov. 1st! This is the last Sunday before Election Day, and Muslim-led organizations are coming together to make one strong, final push to call and mobilize Muslim voters to ensure our impact is felt at the polls.

Please join MPower Change, American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), Council on AmericanIslamic Relations (CAIR), ICNA Council for Social Justice, MAS-PACE, and other organizations on November 1st at 12:00 PM (EST) for a community-wide live-streamed election town hall, followed by a virtual get out the vote phone bank.

Join us even for an hour, to do our part in making our participatory democracy as strong and diverse as ever. RSVP directly at