Tips To Get Involved

Here are some of the ways you can get involved and help us with the Recognize Muslim Roots campaign:

Bring Awareness

Here is how you can help us bring awareness around this campaign:

  • Have the campaign announced at mosques and sent via mosque newsletters. You can copy and paste the first two paragraphs as sample announcement for your congregants.
  • Print flyers and cards to distribute in local mosques, community centers and events. You can also download a digital version of this flyer from here to include in the mosque newsletter.

If you would like to become a campaign lead/team in your congressional district, please contact us

Contact Congress

Contact Congress

  • Share our website with family and friends
  • Share campaign images on social media
  • Share a video or public post about a Muslim personality who has inspired you

Hashtag all of the above with #RecognizeMuslimRoots