The Founding Fathers on Islam and Muslims


Date published: Tue, 2 October 18

Description: Our founding fathers considered Muslims when they were establishing the United States of America. They were confronted with issues surrounding freedom of religion to the point that they specifically discussed the possibility of the hypothetical Muslim citizen. They also were very critical of the religious teachings they had received, so much so, that they questioned and sometimes denied the idea that Jesus was the son of God. Benjamin Franklin went so far into studying Islam that he quoted the sirah and used the sahabah as an example for the people of Pennsylvania when there was a dispute on how to treat captives of war, and he did this at a time when there was no sirah available in English in print. Watch this live stream webinar to find out why George Washington refused to take communion, how Thomas Jefferson came to own a copy of the Qur’an, and why Benjamin Franklin began his last published written work with, “Bismillah.”

Nazzie Pater-Rov has a M.Ed. as an Educational Diagnostician and has been an administrator and teacher at a Sunday School in Texas for 10 years. She has also taught at Muslim Community School for two years. She currently works full time in Denton ISD in Texas as a Diagnostician, assessing and managing the needs of children with disabilities. She founded Sprouting Education which provides educational consultation. In addition she and runs this website ( that provides resources for Muslim school teachers, and she has published textbooks for Muslim American Children.