The Earth is Dying, And Our Masjids’ Can Help Save It


Date published: Wed, 29 May 19

In 2009, designs for the Central Mosque in Cambridge, The UK’s contracts began. It’s not until now, a decade later, the mosque has finally been built and become open to the public on April 24th.

An additional purpose to this Masjid is to “boast zero carbon on-site emissions, rainwater harvesting, and air source heat pumps,” according to About Islam. This masjid will be the first Eco friendly mosque in all of Europe, with a green and sustainable building structure. The purpose of an Eco friendly mosque is to create it so that it is not harmful to the environment. This does not just mean the materials and construction, but the maintenance of the overall building as well.

This new Masjid has prayer and wudu areas, a teaching area, and a cafe. It has 80 car parking spaces and 140 bike parking spots to help promote the Eco Mosque agenda, and facilities can be used by Muslim and non-Muslims.

An architect involved in the design wanted to build a mosque that fit in with 21st century British standards. She said,

“This mosque can be a cultural bridge, and takes the environmental message to one of the biggest faith communities in the world,”

Several British Masajid have decided to also ban the use of plastic to promote the eco friendly agenda. About Islam says that they plan to sell reusable water bottles and install water fountains to encourage Muslims to join their campaign.

British Muslims have been doing a lot to help their surroundings; its time for Americans to step up and make a change as well.