How To Text Your Representatives In Congress

Did you know that you can reach out to your representatives in Congress through text? It’s very simple, quick, and easy!

Step 1: text your desired branch of government! You can either text “senate” to contact your senators, “House” to contact your house representatives, “congress” to have your message go to both, or “governor” to contact your governor. (Note: If you are texting on behalf of the #RecognizeMuslimRoots campaign, send your message to the House only)

Step 2: It will ask for your personal information (name and address) step by step. Respond accurately so it can find out who exactly represents you in your area and so that Congress can also verify you as a real constituent.

Step 3: Start writing your message once it asks you. Send the message you want to go to Congress as a text to the number. You can write your message through multiple texts if you want. Once you’ve sent your entire message, text the word “done” afterwards. Sample text: “Hello, I am writing to you to request that you co-sponsor H.Res 869 introduced by Judy Chu in California. Muslim Americans have contributed to this nation in many significant ways since its inception. It’s about time they get the recognition that they deserve. Please co-sponsor and help it pass.

Step 4: So, after you do all that, it’ll send you a sample of your message (the first few words paired with the last few words) and ask you to confirm that as your message, with a list of commands you can choose to text— such as clear, add, preview, trash, or send! Once you’re done, if all looks good, text “send” to send your message!

Step 5: Provide any remaining information it asks, typically your preferred prefix and own email. It asks for your prefix because of the way the congressional email system is set up, and the email you give is the one Congress will respond to you on, so make sure you provide all this information accurately!

At the end, you’ll get a text telling you that your message has been sent, and that means you’re all done! Thanks for taking the time to use your voice and creating change, we hope this tutorial helped you out.

In the video below, we show you step-by-step on how to do it! If you still have questions, please contact us!