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ICNA CSJ Welcomes President Obama’s Decision to End NSEERS

Date: December 24, 2016 | Categories: Press, Press, Unjust Immigration Policies,

ICNA Council for Social Justice (CSJ) welcomes President Barack Obama’s ending of the National Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS) program. This post 9/11 registry program required certain people from 25 countries to register with the federal government and check in for follow-ups. Ironically, all targeted countries with the exception of North Korea were Muslim majority countries. The program resulted in the deportation of about …

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ICNA Demands Donald Trump Apologize for ‘Islam hates us’ Claim

Date: March 10, 2016 | Categories: Islamophobia, Press, Press,

ICNA Council for Social Justice (CSJ) joined several other Muslim organizations today in the CAIR office in Washington, D.C. for a press conference to demand apology from Donald Trump for his ignorant remarks about Islam. Rameez Abid, Communications Director of ICNA CSJ, said: “Such statements have negative and sometimes violent consequences for millions of innocent Muslim Americans or even non-Muslims …

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Scholars: Trump’s call to ‘ban Muslims’ is un-American

Date: December 11, 2015 | Categories: Islamophobia, Opinion, Opinion All,

Source: The Conversation Q: Presidential candidate Donald Trump called Monday for barring all Muslims from entering the US. He previously called for surveillance against mosques and a database for all Muslims living the US. What can you tell us about the history of attacks against Muslims in the US? Are Trump’s comments unique? Sahar Aziz is an associate professor of …