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CIA Torture Architects’ Day In Court

Date: May 5, 2016 | Categories: Global Injustice, News, News, Video All, Videos,

Source: AJ+ These men were kidnapped, tortured and experimented on by the CIA. James E. Mitchell and Bruce Jessen, the two psychologists who created the U.S. torture program, are being sued by the ACLU on behalf of the victims. This is the first time anyone involved in the CIA torture program will have to answer for their actions in a …

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Ex-CIA Boss Admits to BBC Panorama That It Tortured

Date: August 4, 2015 | Categories: Global Injustice, News, News,

Source: BBC NEWS The CIA tortured terror suspects in its programme of “enhanced interrogation”, the agency’s former executive director, Buzzy Krongard, has admitted to the BBC’s Panorama programme. The agency’s position has always been that the “enhanced interrogation” techniques it used under George W Bush, did not amount to torture, because they were legally approved by the White House at …