Siblings of Hate: Racism, Islamophobia, Hindutva, and White-Supremacy


Date published: Tue, 27 October 20

ICNA CSJ held a virtual justice conference on October 24th. The theme of the conference was “Siblings of Hate: Racism, Islamaphobia, Hindutva, and White Supremacy”. We had leaders and scholars from the Palestine, Kashmir, India, Rohingya, Uighur, and African American communities all on the same platform to discuss the challenges faced by all of them, the root of which is hate. The conference also featured the presentation of the Justice Award.

The Justice Award was presented to Imam Jamil Al-Amin, who is a renowned civil rights activist, and a proponent for organizing African Americans to combat the structure of racism and oppression they are facing in the United States. Imam Jamil was wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. Imam Jamil’s son Kairi Al Amin, Esq. accepted the award on his behalf.