Recognizing American Muslim Roots

In the current climate of Islamophobia, one member of Congress, Representative Judy Chu [D-CA-27] from California, has introduced a resolution [H.Res. 276], formerly known as H.Res. 869, in the House to recognize American Muslims’ history and contributions to the United States. It is a recognition of Muslim contributions to this country that go back to the beginning of its formation. It outlines specific Muslims from a variety of disciplines and over an extended period of history with details listing how he or she has contributed to this nation.

We thank Rep. Chu for her much-needed initiative in bringing this to the table! ICNA CSJ has launched a nationwide campaign to bring awareness about the resolution and help push to pass it. In a time when hate crimes and assaults against Muslims are sharply increasing and surpassing 9/11 era levels, the Muslim community needs positivity and strength more than ever. This resolution is a symbolic step in the right direction.

Below you can find more information about the resolution and on how you can help us pass it!