Recognizing Muslim Roots Campaign Introductory Letter

‘Recognizing American Muslim Roots’ is a campaign to raise awareness about House Resolution 869 introduced by Rep. Judy Chu [D-CA-27] that recognizes American Muslims’ history and contributions to our nation. This is a historic step as it is one of its first kind in the House of Congress.

The Resolution proudly describes how Muslims are knotted to the American fabric before and since the founding of the nation. ICNA Council for Social Justice is initiating the campaign. The campaign looks forward to raise endorsement for the resolution from other members of the House. It also aims to connect American Muslims to their contribution and roots in the country. As mainstream media and others are pushing the Muslim minorities to the edge, we believe this is one of the first steps to counter it. Muslims contributions are just as valuable as those of others to this nation. As achieving more co-sponsorships for the resolution is one of the campaign’s primary goals, we plan to carry it out from grassroots. The campaign will look forward to motivate the people to reach out to their congressional representative in the House to support and co-sponsor the Resolution. Participation in this campaign is easy and simple. Sign up, build your local or community team in your congressional districts and organize several activities.

If someone can’t build a team, s/he can also participate as an individual. The primary activity of the teams will be organizing phone calls, sending e-mails, text, reaching out to their representatives, and asking them to endorse the resolution. If their representative has already co-sponsored the resolution, the teams or individual will reach out to thank the congressperson. A host of exciting activities could be organized to realize the goal: Community tables Reaching out to mosque attendees on Fridays, community gatherings, events, etc. Ask others to call the Representatives to endorse the House Resolution 869 Organize competitions among the school children about the names in the Resolution and Muslim contributions to our nation This ICNA CSJ initiated national campaign will have the signature hashtag #RecognizeMuslimRoots. Wherever you are, whatever activities you, your community or your team is doing, post them in all the social networks. Share videos, photos and stories with the hashtag. Make short videos on Muslims contribution to America. For more details, please visit: Recognizing American Muslim Roots