Pray for the sick and …..


Date published: Wed, 18 May 11

Pray for the sick and especially for those who do not have health insurance

Last night a friend of mine suffered heart attack. Thank God, almighty, he is doing fine after going through angioplasty procedure. He works for a big IT company and has a good health insurance, therefore, I am not worried about him not getting proper health care. But just a few days ago when I was in Windsor, CT, I met someone who was very much disturbed about his son’s health and because he did not have health insurance, he was not able to get proper medical care for his son.

And, there are many millions of Americans who lack health care simply because they cannot afford the doctors fee or pay for the medicine. This should not be happening in a country where there is no shortage of hospitals and health care facilities and where we have the best doctors and health care professionals.