Muslims Fasting but Serving Meals For The Homeless


Date published: Thu, 16 May 19

The BirminghamLive reports that during Ramadan, As-Suffa serves hot meals to the homeless and less fortunate every night of the week.  As-Suffa is an institution in Birmingham, United Kingdom, that has volunteer program for charity events and has served about 250,000 meals to the homeless.

Taz Khan, who is 36, is a volunteer with this organization and explained how the events usually go. First, volunteers meet at the location at 7pm. Someone is responsible for delivering the freshly cooked food, and then they have a meeting to delegate volunteers to specific stations. When the doors open and guests come in, they are greeted and asked to sign in.

Mr. Khan says, “It’s easier to do this during Ramadan than any other month because whilst your energy levels are naturally low, spiritually you are on a high.” He admits that it is difficult serving meals after a long day of 19 hours of fasting, however the satisfaction of helping people in need is enough until it is time to break the fast.  He also mentions how “We will be back in our warm houses but there are people out there who do not have that luxury.”

Image taken from BirminghamLive from  As-Suffa event

It’s not an easy thing to spend your day at work, then go and serve meals for the homeless when you yourself are fasting and cannot eat. It’s a humbling experience and a reminder to be grateful for the blessings Allah (swt) has given us. The stomach may be empty, but you are feeding your heart and soul.

If you are interested in being a part of something like this, Islamic Relief USA in D.C. is hosting “Tuesday Iftars for Homelessness” where everyone is invited to volunteer or simply enjoy an Iftar with those who cannot afford a meal. Check out their Facebook page for details like dates and times!

Mr. Khan from As-Suffa says,“Our motto is the best of people are those who benefit mankind – that fuels everything we do,” and I think that if you are able to help someone in need this Ramadan, why not get those extra rewards?