Muslims Behind Bars Need You


Date published: Sun, 7 April 24

Ramadan is coming to an end. For all of us, this is a time of mourning, and yet of renewed hope for the routines and habits we will take with us as Ramadan comes to close. Many of us will try to incorporate the Quran into our daily lives, and try to wake up for tahajjud several times a week. We will try to be more consistent with our charity and keep the people of Palestine, Sudan, Kashmir, and more in our duas as we approach the summer.

There is a silent oppression taking place here in the United States. The Criminal Justice System here is abysmal, with long sentencing times, inhumane prison conditions, and poor rehabilitation services. Yet, there is an overwhelming movement of hope in American Prisons, with an incredibly high level of conversion to Islam behind bars. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, but disproportionately even higher in American Prisons.

Yet, biases against Islam coupled with the unjust prison environment prevent Muslims behind bars from accessing religious materials like books, clothing (kufis and Hijabs), halal food, and even dates for Ramadan.

ICNA CSJ is the largest supplier of religious materials to prisons across the country. Prison Chaplains contact us when Muslims behind bars request copies of the quran, hijabs, or our special Ramadan Campaign- Dates.

This year, prisons from 27 states asked us to deliver more than 15,000 items, including boxes of dates, books. clothing, and more.

Simply put- this is the largest number of requests we’ve ever seen.

This Ramadan, we went over budget and had to ask you all to chip in to support our dates campaign- and you pulled through!

Now, we are asking you to make a commitment to help our program year round- doing the important work of Dawah and facilitating ease for Muslims who wish to practice Islam, even behind bars.

As the holy month comes to an end, please visit to support our project, and to reinvigorate the faith of your muslim brothers and sisters behind bars!