Muslim Roots in America: Stories of Muslims in Early American History


Date published: Mon, 6 August 18

Did You Know?

Muslims Came to America before Columbus

New Mexico was Discovered by a Muslim

California is Named After Queen Califia

The First Settler of Brooklyn, NY was a Muslim

Benjamin Franklin Quoted Sirah and Wrote ‘Bismillah’

The University of Alabama Saved the Qur’an

Senator Sumner Used Qur’anic Verses to Fight Slavery

The Statue of Liberty was Originally a Muslim Woman

The First Halal Restaurant was in Sheridan, Wyoming

Nazzie Pater-Rov, an educator and Muslim raised in the Washington, DC area, speaks to us about her interest in teaching Muslim children about their roots in American History.  She tells the story of how her mother, a white convert to Islam, discovered a Muslim ancestor who is considered by many to be the first settler of Brooklyn, NY.  She has evidence that her ancestors, Thomas Spragg, Caleb Spragg, and Edward Spragg, may have at least continued to believe in tawheed, even though it was impossible for them to practice Islam in the Colonial days.   She also has evidence that her ancestors brought the first Qur’an to America in 1622. The discovery of this story led her to research other stories of Muslims in early American history. With these stories, she hopes to regain right of Muslim children to realize their pride in the only country that they belong, America. Join us to hear her story and your story, the story of Muslims in America.

About the Speaker

Nazzie Pater-Rov has a M.Ed. as an Educational Diagnostician and has been an administrator and teacher at a Sunday School in Texas for 10 years. She has also taught at Muslim Community School for two years. She currently works full time in Denton ISD in Texas as a Diagnostician, assessing and managing the needs of children with disabilities. She founded Sprouting Education which provides educational consultation. In addition she and runs this website ( that provides resources for Muslim school teachers, and she has published textbooks for Muslim American Children.