Supporting Muslim Prisoner


Our Mission

Muslim Prisoners Support Project’s (MPSP) main objective is to support Muslim inmates in detention and correctional facilities by providing them with prayer services, Islamic education, equipment/supplies, and resources to ensure that they are given their full rights and are treated in a civil manner.

Our History

Around September 2017, local Muslims at the Baitul Mukarram Masjid (VA) responded to the call of nearby Arlington County Detention Facility (ACDF) requesting khateebs for Friday Jumuah. We spoke to our local imams and scholars to provide ACDF with trustworthy and knowledgeable individuals. We received funds from local muslims and decided to establish and grow the project. Come Ramadan 2018, we launched our first LaunchGood campaign and advertised our project.

We received positive support from the Muslims in our area. Organizations and companies around U.S took notice and offered us discounts and even free supplies that we were able to utilize for the inmates even to now. ICNA CSJ picked up our project on June 20, 2018 in order to combine forces and strengthen our resources. This allowed us to pick up additional facilities to support.

How the Project Runs

In order to meet our objective, we must:

  • Communicate with the facility to figure out the needs of the facility.
  • Communicate with the masajid to find local volunteers and receive support for the project. All facilities and masajid have their own process and goals and therefore we must figure these processes and goals on a masjid/facility case by case.
  • Work with other Prison Support initiatives to share information and resources.

We are transparent on everything, share all information and encrypt/restrict any sensitive information. Everything is written down and well documented. Organization and process structure is crucial to the project in order to maintain longevity. We have a event calendar, weekly conference call (optional), weekly emails sent out, logs going back to the beginning of the project, etc.