Minnesota Masjid Helps Raise $6000 In One Hour for Child Battling Cancer


Date published: Mon, 17 June 19

According to Fox9 News, in Faribault, Minnesota, there is a Christian family going through a hard journey.  Their 10 year old son is battling a cancer called Myosarcoma, which is a malignant muscle tumor in his lungs. While Xavier has been going through aggressive rounds of chemo, the family had to bury their 3 year old son in December, who passed away from a disability.

Xavier Howells, image taken from the family’s GoFundMe.

The Howells family was invited by a friend, Bashir Omar, to attend a Jummah prayer at Abubakar As-Saddique Islamic Center in Ramadan, where they had attended multiple times before. The father, Nate Howells, had to resign from his job teaching children with autism at an elementary to help care for his son.

Within an hour of hearing their story, the Muslims at the masjid raised over $6000 for them.

Bashir Omar says, “We are here to show the people that we are here to contribute and help our community.” He adds, “I’m a Muslim, he’s a Christian, and we still live together in a community that supports one another.”

It is important that we do our part not only in our Muslim community but in our community as a whole. This family is currently going through a hardship and any amount of support can help make things easier for them.