Mind of a Bully: Why Kids Bully & How to Stop It


Date published: Fri, 23 March 18

Bullying is an important topic, and the discipline of Transformational Leadership has much to contribute to its understanding and prevention. We will be looking at the role of emotions in both the dynamics of bullying and bully prevention. We will teach tools to identify what is going on with bullies and ways to disarm them, as well as how communities can fight bullying. We will also be looking at child and adult development and the role they play in religious intolerance. We will present cutting edge leadership and emotional intelligence technologies in the service of preventing bullying. We will also look at the role of parenting styles and how they contribute to being a bully or victim.

Speakers’ Bio:

Steven Thorpe is a Licensed Professional Counselor with Masters Degrees in Education and Clinical and School Counseling. Steve just completed his Masters Degree in Transformational Leadership and Coaching. He has worked as an elementary and middle school teacher, teacher trainer, school counselor, psychotherapist, and consultant and brings decades of experience working with children, adolescents, and families to his position of Director of Family Engagement with the Kansas Reading Roadmap.

Asif Masood has a Masters Degree in Transformational Leadership and Coaching. He has been learning and teaching social / emotional intelligence skills for the past five years. He is part of the Interfaith group at MCC and recently lead an Interfaith trip to Houston to help rebuild. He is a Principal Architect by trade.