ICNA Protests Gov. Abbott’s decision to Stop Resettling Refugees in Texas


Date published: Sat, 8 October 16

Governor Abbott recently announced that the state government is pulling out of the refugee resettlement program. Texas has the largest resettlement program in the country and has been successfully welcoming refugees for over 40 years.

Despite the Governor’s decision, ICNA CSJ Dallas and Texans will continue to welcome and serve refugees. Local charitable organizations will step up and take on the role of coordinating resettlement services.

The Governor’s decision goes against the overwhelmingly welcoming spirit from faith and community partners across Texas and around the country.

The United States has the most stringent security screening process in the world.  Refugees who come to our state want nothing more than to work hard, send their children to school, and build new lives in safety.  We cannot allow our state to abandon families who have already gone through so much. That’s not who we are as Texans.

We are extremely disappointed by the Governor’s decision and we are determined to continue supporting the refugee resettlement program in Texas.

This is a critical time to show your support for refugees. Every action counts. Make your voice heard today and call the Governor’s office: 512-463-1782.

Sample script: “Texas has a proud history of helping refugees. We cannot turn our back on families who are seeking refuge and a chance to rebuild their lives in peace. That is not who are as Texans. I am extremely disappointed by the Governor’s decision and I will continue to support refugee resettlement in Texas.”

Send a written comment: https://gov.texas.gov/contact/

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@GregAbbott_TX Texans value courage and hospitality. We will continue to support refugee resettlement #TexasWelcomesRefugees
Sign the Pledge to Welcome Refugees in Texas: Tell Texas lawmakers you support refugees by signing here.