ICNA CSJ Condemns the Murder of Canadian Muslim Family


Date published: Tue, 8 June 21

06/08/2021- Washington, DC

On behalf of ICNA Council for Social Justice, we extend our condolences to the Ontario Family who lost 4 of their own today at the hands of a radical white supremacist. Our communities are shaken with grief at the loss of 3 generations of our brothers and sisters. Our prayers go to those who are deceased, and most urgently to the 9-year-old survivor of this heinous act.

Radical White Supremacy and Islamophobia are developing urgent threats to nations around the world. We demand that political and community leaders take notice of the havoc these ideologies wreak on our communities. Our children and families deserve to be safe, whether at school, in their places of worship, or while on their family walks.

“This attack is now thought to be premeditated, new details are emerging that are more harrowing than we expected. Any hatred that leads to the harm of another human is unacceptable, but that which demolishes an entire family is incomprehensible” says Dr. Zahid Bukhari, Executive Director of ICNA CSJ.

We demand that the perpetrator be held accountable by the Canadian government for committing a hate crime, and a violent act of terrorism.

For media contact:
Rameez Abid
ICNA Council For Social Justice
E-mail, Press@icnacsj.org