ICNA CSJ Condemns the Indianapolis FedEx Shooting


Date published: Mon, 19 April 21

04/18/2021- Washington, DC

We at ICNA CSJ grieve with our Sikh brothers and sisters, and with all the victims of the Fed Ex shooting in Indiana on Friday. May God ease the suffering of and grant patience to the families of all those involved in this devastating event.

This mass shooting is the most recent in a string of such events in 2021. This bloodshed stains the hands of this country’s failure to pass comprehensive gun reform, making it difficult for people with mental health issues or a history of violence to access deadly weapons. We ask that alongside support and prayers, serious and focused measures be taken to prevent this kind of tragedy from happening again.

“We appreciate the Biden-Harris administration’s recent efforts to address gun violence in our communities, however, we must stress that this effort is not enough. We are awaiting results, and in the meanwhile, we are watching grandparents, children, essential workers, our friends, and neighbors die a preventable death” Says Dr. Zahid Bukhari, executive director of ICNA CSJ.