Five Ways Individuals Can Help Fight Poverty


Date published: Thu, 24 May 18

Source: Borgen Magazine


There have been hundreds of theories created on how to end global poverty, but most of them call upon a large group of people to make the change. While some of these theories have worked, most have not. It is important that individuals know that they have the power to end poverty on their own time, and are just as important in the fight against poverty as large groups are.

1. Give up a bad habit and donate the money you save

Let’s take for example cigarettes. What could be better than improving not only your own health, but someone else’s?

2. Spread awareness

The easiest and cheapest way to help end poverty. Letting people know the horrifying facts on poverty will invoke emotion and lead them to join your quest to help those who cannot help themselves at the moment.

3. Call your congressional representatives

By calling your local representative and asking them to support the fight against poverty you are helping tremendously. Congressional offices are required to keep track of the number of calls they receive about a particular issue, so the more calls you make the better.

4. Shop smart

Some companies donate a portion of their funds to charities that deal with poverty, if you have to buy groceries anyway, why not give back at the same time?

5. Help people in poverty  understand their situation

People in poverty need to understand that they can often address and solve their own issues. The affected people going through the process of fighting poverty should have a raised level of consciousness about their situation and their capabilities, in order to sustain their collective efforts and address other issues. So, take a trip to a poverty-affected area and teach a workshop.