Existing Models of Change: A Look at Solutions to Religious Bullying in the U.S. Today


Date published: Mon, 14 May 18

Across the US, many religious and non-religious groups are aware of the religious bullying and discrimination that is happening in several communities. However, the positive relationships and solutions that exist in spite of these harmful acts and attitudes are often not as evident. This presentation begins by sharing some statistical detail regarding religious bullying and discrimination in the US and the importance of understanding religious bullying itself and its societal implications. Then, it highlights the preventative and responsive solutions to religious bullying that are popping up across America through initiatives led by students, teachers, parents, religious leaders, and various non-profit and academic organizations. By sharing these examples, Ms. Chan invites individuals to seek out similar organizations that may already exist in their community or consider ways to establish similar ones with others locally.

About Speaker:

W. Y. Alice Chan is a teacher-researcher and evaluation consultant based in Canada. As a previous middle school teacher, she witnessed religious bullying in her public school classroom, which raised a passion to protect the religious and non-religious identities of students in North American public schools. In sharing her research on religious bullying, she hopes to help students, teachers, parents, community leaders, and policy makers understand religious bullying and its impact on individuals and society and its relation to religious literacy. Tips and resources on this are available at: https://alicechan.org/