Our fellow New Yorkers, it’s time to take action. The media narrative on Palestine is being influenced by multi-million dollar PR campaigns from Tel Aviv. We must counter this by launching our own PR campaign in NYC. We are raising funds for:

1. Billboards to display the truth about Palestine.
2. Social media ads to reach a wider audience.
3. Print marketing materials to educate the community.
4. Text banking to engage with residents.
5. Shirts as symbols of unity for Palestine.
6. LED trucks to take our message to the streets.
7. Floats for awareness at local events.
8. Social media influencers to amplify our message.

Time is of the essence. A Palestinian child’s life is lost to violence every 15 minutes.

Donate now, share this message far and wide, and encourage your local mosque to sponsor a billboard. Together, we can make a difference.