Our fellow New Yorkers, it’s time to take action. We must stand firmly in solidarity with our young activists and students across our college and university campuses protesting the situation in Gaza. ICNA’s Council for Social Justice recognizes their valiant efforts and commends them for recognizing the importance of advocating for justice and human rights for all people.

As these students champion justice, ICNA CSJ NY backs their efforts and encourages the broader community to join us in standing with them. While we also express our concern over their safety and First Amendment rights being violated, we strongly condemn the violence we have witnessed when certain schools have unleashed the NYPD on these students. Now we call all New Yorkers to join them in providing support.

Time is of the essence, please donate to help provide:

1. Food
2. Blankets
3. Hygiene kits
4. Blankets
5. Other necessities and supplies
6. Legal Support and Funds

Donate now, share this message far and wide, and encourage your local mosque to sponsor a billboard. Together, we can make a difference.