Civil Rights

Dr. Mohsin Ansari of ICNA speaking at a a rally in D.C.


  • Participated in Free Aafia rally in D.C. in front of Department of Justice with The Aafia Foundation.


  • Participated in the protest against Israeli war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to the White House in front of the White House
  • Participated in the Sign-On Letter to DOJ Seeking Response to U.S. Retailer “Muslim-Free Zone” Bans
  • Helped set up a panel discussion on the anti-racism Bilal Initiative lead by Dr. Jimmy Jones at the ICNA-MAS convention in Baltimore.
  • Participated in the Free Aafia Rally held in front of the Federal Bureau of Prisons in D.C.
  • National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms (NCPCF) Steering Committee meeting held at CSJ office.
  • Signed “Say No to Faithwashing: Boycott Muslim Leadership Initiative” with U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation.
  • Participated in the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations‘ (USCMO) meeting held in Arlington, VA with U.S. government representatives on the negative aspects of the CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) program.


  • 3-4 NCPCF, one of our partners, executive and board meetings held at CSJ office.
  • Arranged for NCPCF workshops at ICNA Atlanta Convention and ICNA NE Rochester Conference.
  • Br. Naeem Baig, Executive Director of ICNA CSJ, is serving as the Chairman of NCPCF and Br. Rameez Abid, Communications Director of ICNA CSJ, chosen as the Treasurer.
  • Br. Naeem Baig spoke at the Fundraising Dinner of NCPCF held in Albany, NY.
  • Imam Khalid Griggs, Chairman of ICNA CSJ, was one of the presenters at the NCPCF Family Conference in D.C. He also participated at a NCPCF session at the ICNA Southeast Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.


  • Worked closely with NCPCF. Held three meetings and two programs with them. Naeem Baig, Executive Director of ICNA CSJ, was elected as the Chairman.