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ICNA Condemns Boko Haram Kidnapping

Date: May 9, 2014 | Categories: Global Injustice, Press, Press,

Source: ICNA.ORG The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) condemns the kidnapping of more than 200 schoolgirls in Nigeria by the terror militant group Boko Haram, whose leader, Abubakar Shekau, had threatened to sell them into slavery. “It is absolutely despicable and horrific,” said Naeem Baig, president of ICNA. “We urge authorities to use all of their resources to reunite …

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ICSJ Part of ‘Religions for Peace’ Executive Council Meeting

Date: March 19, 2014 | Categories: Press,

On March 13, 2014, ICSJ participated in the Religions for Peace USA‘s (RfPUSA) Executive Council Meeting in Washington D.C.  Brother Naeem Baig, executive director of ICSJ and the president of Islamic Circle of North America, had the honor to chair and moderate the meeting. The meeting included leaders of various faith based organizations, who are also part of the RfPUSA, to …

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ICSJ Supports Wisconsin Union Workers

Date: June 9, 2011 | Categories: Hunger / Poverty / Inequality, Press, Press,

Washington, DC- (May 3, 2011) The Islamic Circle of North America Council for Social Justice supports Wisconsin union workers in their fight again the anti-labor budget repair bill. Islam supports protecting the rights of laborers and honors those who work for the betterment of society.  America was built by these hard working laborers and continues to rely on their services. …