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ICNA Calls for Investigation of Brown’s Killing

Date: August 19, 2014 | Categories: Press, Press, Structural Racism,

Source: ICNA.ORG The Islamic Circle of North America calls for State and Federal investigation of the slaying of Micheal Brown in Missouri. Among a list of demands, ICNA also calls for cessation of all violence and the arming of the police by the military. The senseless, tragic fatal shooting of 18-year old African American Michael Brown by Ferguson, Missouri Police …

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ICNA Joins National March on the White House for Gaza

Date: July 31, 2014 | Categories: Global Injustice, News, Press,

The Islamic Circle of North America today announced that it is joining a march on the White House to protest against the ongoing massacre in Gaza. In a press conference today at the National Press Club, ICNA President Naeem Baig stated that “the use of violence against civilians is never okay. It is unacceptable for a civilian population to be …

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ICNA to Obama: Demand End to Israeli Aggression

Date: July 13, 2014 | Categories: Global Injustice, Press, Press,

Source: ICNA.ORG (NEW YORK, NY, July 13, 2014) – In the past six days Israel has killed 165 people, many women and children in over 1200 attacks on Gaza in Operation Protective Edge. Today, Israel has intensified the assault campaign by launching a ground incursion on the besieged strip. The use of violence against civilians is never okay. It is …