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ICNA CSJ Co-Hosts “Not Trump’s Iftar” Rally in Front of White House

Date: June 7, 2018 | Categories: Islamophobia, News, News, Video All, Videos,

On June 6, 2018, ICNA Council for Social Justice in partnership with other organizations co-sponsored and iftar outside of the White House. The official name selected for the event was “Not Trump’s Iftar” to counter the iftar that Trump himself was hosting the same time in the White House. His iftar mainly invited ambassadors and diplomats from predominantly Muslim countries. Prominent American …

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Islamic Scholar Promotes Combating Harmful Narratives

Date: April 10, 2018 | Categories: Islamophobia, News, News,

Source: Daily Ever Green by Yasmeen Wafai While the marginalization of Muslims in the U.S. is not new, there have been significant efforts to curb narratives that have negatively impacted their communities, an American Muslim studies scholar said Thursday. Zahid Bukhari, the executive director of the Islamic Circle of North America’s Council for Social Justice, delivered the WSU Muslim Student …

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Coalition for Civil Freedoms (CCF) Holds Two Panels & an Exhibit in the Bazar of ICNA National Convention

Date: April 9, 2018 | Categories: Islamophobia, News, News,

CCF presented two panel sessions at the ICNA-MAS Annual Conference in Baltimore. The panels included CCF family members Mariam Abu Ali (sister of Ahmed Abu Ali), and Ashley Young (sister of Nicholas Young). In addition, one of panels featured Miko Peled (author of The General’s Son and Injustice: The Story of the Holy Land Foundation Five, and the other included Hassan Shibly, …