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ICNA CSJ Participates in 2015 Black Friday Protests

Date: November 28, 2015 | Categories: Hunger / Poverty / Inequality, News, News, Past Events, Past Events All,

ICNA Council for Social Justice (CSJ) participated in the Black Friday protests that take place every year in front of Walmarts throughout the U.S. The protests are organized by OUR Walmart, an organization that works to ensure that every employee, regardless of his or her title, age, race, or sex, is respected at Walmart. The protests demand Walmart owners to raise …

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Walmart Criticized For Blaming Lower Profits On Increased Wages

Date: November 2, 2015 | Categories: Hunger / Poverty / Inequality, News, News,

Source: Foot Wear News Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is under fire after lowering its profit expectations last week and attributing much of its gloomier financial outlook to wage hikes for its workers. An ongoing campaign, Making Change at Walmart (MCAW), backed by the United Food & Commercial Workers union, says the company’s explanation for its slumping profits is “just a fairy tale.” “It is …

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Top-CEO Pay Isn’t Driven By Talent, New Study Says

Date: June 22, 2015 | Categories: Hunger / Poverty / Inequality, News, News, Resources,

Source: Wall Street Journal The rapid rise in pay for corporate executive officers, which stands in contrast to the stagnant wages of many Americans, is a key driver of inequality that’s not clearly tied to talent or performance, a new report from a liberal think tank finds. The Economic Policy Institute report says this means CEO pay could be reduced …