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Billionaire wealth increases during COVID-19 pandemic

Date: March 30, 2021 | Categories: News, News,

The Americans for Tax Fairness and the Institute for Policy Studies have tracked the wealth growth of American billionaires since the start of the lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic – from March 2020 to March 2021. The report by these two institutions shows that billionaire wealth grew significantly during the pandemic.  Combined billionaire wealth increased more than $1.3 trillion since …

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Biden overturns Trump’s travel restrictions; diversity visa lottery winners out of luck

Date: March 18, 2021 | Categories: Family Breakdown, News, News, Opinion All,

President Biden overturned Trump’s travel ban on the first day of his term. Although the colloquial “Muslim ban” was overturned, the plan on how to deal with individuals affected by the travel ban was allowed 45 days to formulate.  Biden revoked the ban on legal immigration for family members of U.S. citizens and residents, as well as the diversity visa …

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Biden administration states intent to close Guantanamo Bay detention facility

Date: February 22, 2021 | Categories: Family Breakdown, News,

The Biden administration has stated their aim to close Guantanamo Bay by the end of its term. President Biden’s aides have launched a formal review of the prison. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that the administration has launched a process with the National Security Council to determine steps for shutting down the detention facility.  She says, “it is …