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Social Justice: An Islamic Perspective

Date: May 12, 2014 | Categories: Global Injustice, Opinion, Opinion All, Video All, Videos,

First annual banquet and fundraiser for ICNA Council for Social Justice held on Friday, December 24, 2010 at 5:00 pm at Holiday Inn. Renowned Islamic Scholar and Professor at Oxford University, Dr. Tariq Ramadan. He talks about the importance of social justice work in Islam.  The lecture is two parts. You can also download a summarized written transcript for this …

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ICNA Condemns Boko Haram Kidnapping

Date: May 9, 2014 | Categories: Global Injustice, Press, Press,

Source: ICNA.ORG The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) condemns the kidnapping of more than 200 schoolgirls in Nigeria by the terror militant group Boko Haram, whose leader, Abubakar Shekau, had threatened to sell them into slavery. “It is absolutely despicable and horrific,” said Naeem Baig, president of ICNA. “We urge authorities to use all of their resources to reunite …

Kashmir: Right of Self-Determination

Date: June 14, 2012 | Categories: Global Injustice, Past Events, Past Events All,

The evolution of the right of self-determination has been one of the great normative narratives of the twentieth century. It was part of the visionary contributions of President Woodrow Wilson, who despite a deep-seated conservatism, seemed to have an uncontrollable tendency to give credibility to normative ideas that contained implications that carried far, far beyond his intentions. Ever since the …