Support ICNA CSJ Michigan Billboards Campaign Exposing Islamophobia in India

ICNA CSJ Michigan chapter plans to raise awareness among residents in the state about Islamophobic actions taking place in India by putting up billboards in the state.

Here are just a few examples of the atrocities happening in India right now against Muslims:

  • Genocide Watch is warning against an impending mass genocide on minorities in India.
  • Hijab was recently banned in educational institutions by Karnataka, India. The ruling is restricted to educational institutes, however, it is being misused by other places in the country to harass Muslim women.
  • India objected to UN Resolution declaring March 15 as “International Day to Combat Islamophobia.” This fueled more islamophobia in the country.
  • Anti-Muslim propaganda films are being made to target Muslims and label them as terrorists.
  • Numerous people in power have made open calls for genocide against Muslims.
  • Through National Register for Citizens (NRC) in Assam, millions of Muslims and other minorities are deprived from citizenship and voting rights. Many are still in detention camps.
  • By revoking Article 370 and snatching statehood in Indian occupied Kashmir, the basic fundamental rights of Kashmiris are being violated. Reports of Indian army soldiers killing innocent Kashmiris are constantly being published.
  • Kashmiri and Muslim journalists of other states are often harassed and put in jail.
  • Muslims are lynched by state supported cow vigilante groups with little to no consequences to the perpetrators.
  • Muslim men and boys are taken from their homes by police without any cause.
  • Hate groups burn Muslim neighborhoods and businesses.
  • Muslims were blamed for spreading Corona and also were labeled as “Corona Jihadi” by Indian media.

Please support our campaign to educate the public about what’s happening in India!