Another Year Gone


Date published: Fri, 30 December 22

Assalamu Alaykum,

Here is my biggest takeaway from 2022. We did a lot- but it’s not enough.

By the grace of Allah, 2022 has been a good year. After 2 years of uncertainty, we finally find ourselves at the brink of normalcy. After a global vaccination effort, COVID-19 cases are finally letting up. The midterm elections, though featuring many nail-biters, passed without the threat of overthrowing democracy. For many soccer fans, the FIFA World Cup which brought Morocco, a Muslim-majority country to the forefront, is a welcome reason to celebrate.

Here at ICNA Council for Social Justice, we’ve been pretty busy too.

This year, we participated in a number of events with our partners, including USCMO, with whom we participated in the National Muslim Advocacy Day, a day to lobby on capitol hill alongside our community. Chapters from across the country participated in this event, gathering together in Washington, DC for 3 days. We met with elected officials, senior staff, and Muslim leaders.

Additionally, we printed and distributed a report about Hindutva in the United States. Hindutva is a growing concern for Muslims here and abroad, and ICNA CSJ is committed to raising awareness about the genocidal regime currently holding power in India, with its roots extending even here in the United States. This year, we also hosted our annual banquet about Hindutva in the United States, where we were joined by Dr. Angana Chatterji, a leading expert in the movement who studies it in depth at University of California, Berkeley.

Lastly, our Muslim Prisoner Support project has grown to over 30 states, and 112 prisons. This year, we distributed more than 21,000 items, including copies of the Quran, Islamic books, headscarves, prayer rugs, and more! The Muslim Prisoner Support Project is one of my favorite programs, because it is incredibly unique. We raise money through digital marketing, and our supporters help us fund the most incredible form of sadaqah jariyah- giving hope, and a source of faith, to our most vulnerable brothers and sisters.

We are so proud of what we accomplished this year, but we know that without the support of generous donors, our loyal volunteers, and our dedicated staff and chapter members, we would not be able to continue doing the work that we do. 2023 will bring its challenges, and we are ready to continue serving our community by doing what we do best. In 2023, we hope to expand MPSP to more prisons in other states, and also plan something special for Ramadan. We are also excited to narrow down some of our broad focus areas to issues that we feel are incredibly important, including the occupation of Palestine, Injustice against Native American people, and poverty in the United States.

We hope to hear from you about the things we can do better, and about the ways you hope to get involved with our work. As always it is your generous donations that keep us going, but your partnership, support, and feedback are our greatest priority.

We pray for a peaceful end of year, and a fruitful new one for you and your families. We pray for our suffering brothers and sisters living under occupation in Palestine and Kashmir. Those paying the price for climate change in Pakistan and living under the brutality of the Indian government. Those suffering from racism and its aftermath and under the criminal justice system here at home.

I look forward to hearing from you, and to enjoying a relaxing end of year with my family inshallah.

Assalamu Alaykum,

Zahid Bukahri,
Executive Director