American views on Israeli genocide in Gaza


Date published: Thu, 28 December 23

Over 20,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israel in Gaza. With Biden recently by-passing Congress to grant an emergency weapons sale to Israel, Americans must think long and hard about the implications of tax dollars going to support a genocide in Palestine. 

Al Jazeera reports, “US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told Congress that he had made a second emergency determination in less than a month, covering a $147.5m sale of equipment to Israel, the State Department said on Friday.”

Biden, by by-passing Congress, is fully endorsing the killing of innocent Palestinians. Earlier in December, Biden made another emergency determination to approve the sale of weapons to Israel of 14,000 tank ammunition, worth more than $106 million. The most recent sale is worth $14 million, with 155 million M107 projectiles, which are “artillery shells that will cause widespread destruction in a densely populated area such as Gaza 

In a Pew Research poll in early December, Pew found that roughly a third of Americans (35%) view Biden’s response to the genocide more negatively than positive. 41% disapprove, while 24% are not sure. For adults under age 30, 46% disapprove of Biden’s actions, while just 19% approve. 


Perhaps very significant is the amount of Americans who are unsure of how to respond to the Pew research questions. In this graphic, 38% said they don’t know if Biden is striking the right balance in dealing with Palestinians and Israelies. Over a third of the population being unaware is striking, especially when American taxpayer money is directly funding Israeli strikes in Gaza.

In a Gallup poll published in late November, findings were interesting. In this poll, when asked the question if they approve or disapprove of the military action Israel has taken in Gaza, 50% of adults said they approved, while 45% said they disapprove. People of color who were asked the question disapproved by 64% while whites approved Israeli military action by 61%.


The findings in these polls show that public opinion has changed from decades ago, to now more people viewing the Palestinian struggle for liberation in a positive light, but more work must be done. We must continue to showcase our global support for Palestinian liberation, and work to inform our friends, family, and community of the atrocities Israel and Zionists have been committing in Palestine since even before 1948. It is integral for those who are Americans to prioritize this, as our money every day goes to Israel’s genocidal state.