Palestinian Muslims: Allah’s Ramadan Gift to the World


Date published: Sun, 7 April 24

By Imam Khalid Griggs

Of the twelve months on the Islamic calendar, the month of Ramadan is arguably the most recognized by the global Ummah of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Muslims are required to alternate between sacred and secular duties throughout the year, but during the Month of Ramadan, ritual duties are amplified. For example, Muslims observe a 29- or 30-day dawn-to-dusk fast and read the Qur’an daily to develop self-discipline, spiritual reflection, and empathy for the less fortunate.

During the 23-year prophetic life of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, the rigors of fasting from dawn to sunset while spending extended time at night performing supererogatory prayers and reciting the Qur’an made Muslims more keenly aware of the necessity of enjoining right conduct and forbidding evil in society. The observance of the Ramadan fast was enjoined on Muslims approximately 18 months after the hijrah (migration) of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and most Muslims from Makkah to the city-state Madinah. The fast of Ramadan was one of the first pillars of Islam to be mandated by Allah subhanawata’la.

Prophet Muhammad and the Sahabah did not view Ramadan as a period of hibernation from the ideological and physical challenges posed by Islam’s internal and external enemies. Fasting during Ramadan promotes a greater awareness of social injustices and empathy, generosity, and solidarity with society’s marginalized and vulnerable. One of the most famous battles in Islamic history occurred on 17 Ramadan 624 CE. It was a significant turning point for the early Muslim community and is considered a major victory for the Muslims against the Quraysh tribe of Makkah. Similarly, the Conquest of Makkah by Prophet Muhammad and the Muslims occurred in 630 CE during Ramadan. This event marked the peaceful reclamation of Makkah and the establishment of Islam as the dominant religion in the region.

The Battle of Hattin in 1187 CE in which Salahudeen Ayyubi defeated the Crusader forces led by Guy of Lusignan, also occurred during Ramadan. This battle led to the recapture of Jerusalem by Muslim forces after being previously brutally massacred and exiled from the city for almost 100 years. Ramadan has been a time of tremendous importance and significance for Muslims throughout history, and it has nourished the indomitable spirit of believers to take principled stands for justice, whether it be against ourselves or others.

The barbarity of the ongoing genocide in Gaza against the Palestinian people conducted by the Zionist state of Israel has inflicted unquantifiable scars on the minds and hearts of Muslims and people of conscience worldwide. Social media and the fearless sacrifices of truth-telling journalists have provided never-before-seen real-time images and descriptions of unbridled cruelty and savagery against defenseless men, women, children, and infants by the Israeli Defense Force with weapons supplied by the United States of America. While the images coming out of Gaza are both shocking and revolting, they may be controversially interpreted as a Ramadan gift from Allah subhanawata’la to the world of Muslims. The worst of the decades-long journey of genocide against the Palestinian people occurred during Ramadan 2024.

Ramadan is a period of self-evaluation and inventory. Few Muslims on earth can claim ignorance about the ongoing Palestinian genocide, regardless of past willful disregard or disinterest. If, for some Islamically unjustifiable reason, we have ignored the plight of our Palestinian brothers and sisters in the past, we no longer have that option. Allah subhanawata’la has gifted us by allowing us to change our course of inaction and indifference before we are raised on Qiyamah and questioned about what we did regarding the condition of the people of Isa ibn Maryum peace be upon him. Did we make use of the most powerful weapon given to us by Allah subhanawata’la, dua, on their behalf? Did we try to educate ourselves and others about Palestine to mobilize opposition against genocide against the Palestinian people? Have we actively supported groups and organizations working on behalf of the Palestinian people for years?

Allah subhanawata’la questions Muslims in the Quran, “What is the matter with you that you don’t help each other.” As Saffat 37:25

A worldwide phenomenon is occurring because of the events after October 7, 2024. Non-Muslims are embracing Islam worldwide and crediting the resilience, adherence to their faith of Islam, and total reliance on Allah subhanawata’la of the people of Gaza. Despite their horrendous suffering and slaughter, Palestinian Muslims are Allah’s gift to the world during Ramadan 2024 and beyond.