Afghanistan future uncertain as Taliban take Kabul

Lina B.

Date published: Wed, 18 August 21

This weekend, the Taliban seized control of Kabul, thereby securing control over Afghanistan. This happens after the departure of the US military, after two decades of US intervention and imperialism in Afghanistan. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country as the Taliban secured the presidential palace for themselves. 

Mullah Baradar, a prominent Talib who was released in Pakistan due to pressure from the Trump administration in 2018, was announced the president of Afghanistan after Ghani fled the country. 

At least seven people died after a panic rush of crowds at the Kabul airport. Many Afghans were seen clinging to planes as they launched. The US had taken over the Kabul airport, not allowing Afghans to access the facilities. 

The Taliban further gave their first press conference yesterday. They explained their takeover of Kabul, saying “the previous government was so incompetent. As a result of their actions. Their security forces could not do anything to ensure security and we have to do something, we have to take responsibility.” They further emphasized that they will ensure no harm to Afghan civilians, and will not allow Afghanistan to be used against anybody. 

Read the transcript of the press conference here.

Although claims of peace and law and order have been declared, Afghans have taken to social media to show their experiences. Many Afghan civilians, thus, have stated that although the Taliban are promising peace and non-violence, people have been disappearing in the nighttime, protests have erupted, and there is widespread fear of what the Taliban will enact.

Pray for the Afghan civilians, women, children, and minorities as the situation progresses. We must acknowledge the different imperialist forces at play in Afghanistan, utterly destroying the land and the people. As Afghan refugees arrive in the US, pay attention to local organizations and efforts providing aid.