Thoughts from the Afghan diaspora

Lina B.

Date published: Wed, 25 August 21

We spoke to several Afghans around the US to ask how they are feeling about the current situation in Afghanistan. This list will be updated as we speak to more. If you would like your thoughts to be published, please leave us a comment. 

“I am worried about the situation. On one hand, the government has always been corrupt, and they have forsaken Afghan citizens. On the other, the situation for minorities is particularly sensitive and unknown. The confusion results from not knowing what will happen.” – Malika

“So many people are saying so many different things about the situation that it can be so confusing to non-Afghans. I think it’s important to amplify Afghan voices.” – Sahar

“The imperialism in Afghanistan has been destructive for the innocent Afghan population. I am just praying and hoping that it gets better for us.”  – Mohammed 

“I’ve been trying to get my family out of Kabul. It’s been hard.” – Ali