Action Items For The ‘Stop Bullying Campaign’

Following is a list of action items we are requesting volunteers to take action on in this campaign:

  • Get educated on the topic of bullying. You can view a free 1 hour long video course on the topic by clicking here.

  • Familiarize yourself with Research Based Best Practices In Bullying Prevention And Response.

  • Please distribute the marketing material in your local mosques, Sunday schools, community centers, schools, and organizations. Help us spread the word through social media and forwarding the website to your family and friends. You can go to and download the marketing material files (flyer, poster, postcard) and have it printed at your local Kinko’s, Staples, Office Depot, etc. Also have the campaign announced in your local mosques, sent through their list-serves, and ask your local volunteers for help spreading the word.

  • The most recent issue of ICNA’s Message Magazine (Nov-Dec 2017) was also on the topic of school bullying. You can download a copy of it by clicking here. It includes many beneficial articles related to school bullying. We need your help to spread it so others can get a more thorough understanding of the topic.

  • Our website ( is being updated weekly so please keep referring back to it for new materials.

  • CAIR California recently published a report on the topic as well and can be downloaded and viewed by clicking here.

  • Hold town hall meetings with students in your area at local mosques, schools, Sunday schools, etc. and have a discussion with them on the topic and provide education on how to prevent and counter bullying. Encourage them to start an anti-bullying campaign in their schools and get students involved. Effective methods to preventing bullying include increasing empathy for victims; adopting a program that includes teachers, students, and parents; and having students lead anti-bullying efforts.

  • Get in touch with local and national anti-bullying organizations and set up workshops in your local schools, mosques, Sunday schools, and community centers on the topic. Also work with them to do a campaign to target local school boards, PTAs, principals, and to provide guidance and suggestions to them on what they can do to fight against bullying in their schools.

  • ICNA CSJ will be holding a series of webinars insha’Allah, please promote them in your communities. You can view the webinars that we have done so far by clicking here.

  • Please encourage volunteers to sign up via our form. Click here!

Please contact national coordinator for the campaign, Rameez Abid.