2021 Year Wrap Up

Lina B.

Date published: Sat, 1 January 22

The year 2021 has been framed by the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects, from income inequality to vaccine apartheid. In the US, conversations regarding wealth inequality, racism, and injustice have been a part of the national discourse. ICNA CSJ has covered a variety of issues throughout 2021. As we move forward and start the new year, we reiterate and engage with our focus areas and mission, to systematically facilitate assertive Muslim involvement in the field of human struggle for the rights of the poor and oppressed in the United States. We thank you for supporting our organization! 

Browse through the below articles to see how the year progressed, and how ICNA CSJ has covered social justice issues. 

Voter suppression bills passed after the 2020 election

War on Terror


Vaccine Apartheid


Global Injustice





Wealth Inequality 


Prison Reform