Resource Guide For Immigration and Civil Rights Issues

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For issues related to traveling, immigration, and refugee ban.

Community Guidance: Restrictions on Muslim Entry to the U.S.

Fact Sheet: Executive Order Restricting Muslim Entry to the U.S.

What To Do When Asked About Immigration Status

What to do if you are an immigrant stopped by police, immigration agents, or FBI (Spanish | Arabic | Urdu)

What to do when encountering law enforcement at airports and other ports of entry into the U.S.

Defending privacy at the U.S. border: A guide for travelers carrying digital devices

Apply for help with immigration litigation

Pro bono legal advice about your specific issue or individual case

Public Counsel – Nation’s largest pro bono law firm

President Trump’s Executive Order details (constantly updated because it’s always changing due to constant upheaval)

Area Specific Resources

Problem Resource Contact
Green Card Holders stuck outside the US with tickets to return to Dulles International Airport and the Washington DC Area (IAD) Simon Sandoval-Mohsenberg,

Director of the Immigrant Advocacy Program at the Legal Aid Center in Washington DC


Muslim and Refugee Ban Issues at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) Lawyers from Muslim Immigration Hotline always at the Airport 844-326-4940
Muslim and Refugee Ban Issues at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) American Friends Service Committee and Volunteers


Civil Rights

For issues relating to civil rights violations and how to take legal action.

You have been the victim of a civil rights violation and want to report an incident

Know your rights and responsibilities as an American Muslim

Know your rights when encountering law enforcement

Find a pro bono civil rights lawyer

Video: What To Do When Faced With Anti-Muslim Discrimination (pdf version)

Video: “Got Rights?” – video to learn more about how to protect you and your family when approached by law enforcement at the airport or at home.

Apply for help with civil rights litigation

Apply for help with FBI interviews


Practical guide for resisting the Trump agenda

Legal help for low income families related to commercial, education, elder, family, and housing laws in Northern Virginia