#MuslimBan: Know Your Immigration Rights

Following video is provided by Yunus Law, a full service law firm focusing on Immigration law. Video below is provided by Mrs. Afia Yunus. Mrs. Yunus is the Principal Attorney and Owner at Yunus Law, with an office in Philadelphia and Chicago. Her practice focuses exclusively on U.S. Immigration and Nationality Law. She represents clients from all over the country … Read more #MuslimBan: Know Your Immigration Rights

ICNA CSJ Holds #BlackLivesMatter Educational Event

Imam Khalid Griggs, Chairman of ICNA CSJ, gave a powerful speech on social justice and the need to eradicate racism from our society on Friday, August 19, 2016 in Alexandria, VA at the ICNA VA Islamic Center. About 100 people gathered to hear him speak. He delved into the lives of the companions and how the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) would not … Read more ICNA CSJ Holds #BlackLivesMatter Educational Event

ICNA Participates in the Fair Chance Act

By Abdus-Salaam Musa The South East Queens Muslim Collective and the Islamic Circle of North America presented an event with the Human Rights Commission of New York City on the the Fair Chance Act. The Fair Chance Act described an individuals rights for employment and housing if they had been previously arrested. There was a brief historical presentation by Imam Aiyub … Read more ICNA Participates in the Fair Chance Act