Tampa Students Disrupt FBI Recruitment

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Source: fightbacknews.org

Tampa, FL – On March 10, members of Tampa Students for a Democratic Society disrupted an FBI recruiting event at the University of South Florida (USF). The FBI claimed the event was part of Women’s History Month, their goal being to recruit young women as agents of repression. The FBI continues to threaten important women leaders such as Assata Shakur, who is living in exile in Cuba. In the case of the Anti-war 23, many women anti-war leaders were spied upon for two years and then the FBI raided their homes, in a clear case of political repression.

The FBI recruitment presentation came to a quick halt when students rose from their chairs and disrupted the FBI speaker. One student called out, with the other students echoing their words to drown out the FBI. This is known as a mic check, popularized during the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. The students then chanted “FBI out of our mosques, FBI out of our schools!” and walked out.

Sam Beutler, of Students for a Democratic Society said, “The U.S. government is a threat to people around the world, and that includes us within its borders. We need to fight the FBI in the belly of the beast.”

“The FBI is attempting to recruit students at USF by glorifying their repressive practices as ‘protecting America’s security.’ The manner in which they swept aside the FBI’s historic repression against both women and students shows the lack of respect that they have for our student body. Students need to unite to fight these reactionary forces on every campus,” explained Danya Zituni, also with SDS.

As the FBI seeks to recruit spies at USF, Tampa Students for a Democratic Society is continuing to shine a light on political repression and religious persecution committed by the FBI.

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One thought on “Tampa Students Disrupt FBI Recruitment

  1. This is a special oiffce, the OPR and H. Marshall Jarrett who heads it, appears to have integrity. So much so that Bush denied him clearence to investigate matters against him. “Earlier, the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) attempted to investigate whether Gonzales and other government attorneys acted within the law in authorizing and overseeing the program. President Bush personally intervened in the spring of 2006 to shut down that investigation by preventing OPR investigators from gaining the necessary security clearances.””President Bush personally intervened in spring 2006 to shut down that particular investigation by not allowing OPR investigators to be granted the necessary security clearances. Gonzales has told Congress that Bush consulted with him on the matter, and that Gonzales actually advocated that the security clearances be granted so the OPR probe could continue — but that Bush overrode that advice.The OPR inquiry was shut down not long after the head of OPR, Marshall Jarrett, had informed superiors that his team was about to interview witnesses and review records that would directly contradict sworn testimony to Congress by Gonzales, according to Justice Department records and interviews. The testimony in question was Gonzales’s assertion that there had been no “serious disagreement” within the Bush administration regarding the legality of the eavesdropping program.”Regarding his background”Jarrett has been a career federal prosecutor and administrative oiffcer of the Department of Justice for twenty seven years. He was a First Assistant U.S. Attorney in West Virginia. He was the head of the Criminal Division of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the District of Columbia. He also served a stint as the deputy chief of the Justice Department’s elite Public Integrity Section, which oversees the prosecution of political corruption cases.”So OPR complaints should go to Jarrett and I would send copies to the DOJ OIG Glenn Fine who has been jointly investigating the President, Gonzales and others in their actions.Best of luck in cleaning the corruption.Eliot BernsteinInventorIviewitiviewit@iviewit.tv

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