Reflections on Chapel Hill Shooting: A Great Legacy ~ Dr. Yasir Qadhi

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Source: Yasir Qadhi’s Youtube Page

Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi shares his thoughts on the Chapel Hill shootings and the great legacy left behind by our brother Deah Barakat (age 23), his wife Yusor Barakat (age 21), and her sister Razan Muhammad (age 19), who were brutally murdered earlier this week.

Deah and his wife were newlyweds. The entire family was well-known in the community and were extremely active in projects for local and international causes.

As of yet, this murder appears to be completely motivated by religious hatred against Islam. Yet, the instigators of this paranoia and hatred, such as Fox News and its allies, will not claim any responsibility nor be held accountable (at least in this life).

Three innocent lives, all at the prime of their youth, extinguished. All for what?

May their deaths be accepted as shahada! And may their deaths not be in vain!

End Hate Speech | End Hate Crimes | Chapel Hill Shootings | Our Three Winners.

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