ICNA Denounces Murder of U.S. Journalist by ISIS

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Source: ICNA.ORG

The Islamic Circle of North America unequivocally condemns the brutal beheading on Tuesday of American journalist, James Foley, by the terrorist organization Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

“Such actions are repugnant to humanity and illustrate a blatant disregard for the sanctity of innocent human life,” said Naeem Baig, president of ICNA. “They are a gross violation of Islamic values and principles which advocate justice and kind treatment, even in war.”

In the few Quranic passages which mention war, Muslims are strictly told to be careful and not act unjustly and transgress limits. Those who are innocent are to not even be fought against, let alone killed.

The Prophetic example is a model of this behavior. Muhammad ﷺ, peace be upon him, treated prisoners with kindness, and ensured that everyone dealt with them with dignity.

“There are never any possible justifications for such inhumane and abhorrent actions,” said Naeem Baig. “ISIS falls outside of the pale of Islam.”

The activities of the group have been unanimously condemned by Muslims across the world. Not a single scholar or religious organization has looked favorably on the extreme violence, the rigid intolerance, and the severe brutality they have exhibited.

“Their actions show an utter lack of understanding of faith and religion,” said Baig. “They are an affront to any human conscience.”

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2 thoughts on “ICNA Denounces Murder of U.S. Journalist by ISIS

  1. What ISIS is doing doesn’t belong to the principles if Islam but is sheer terrorism as Zionists are doing in Palestine which doesn’t go hand in hand with Jewish faith. Both are terrorists on an international level. Odd man will have to be out , that’s what will happen to all terrorist forces, god willing in due course of time

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